Tuesday 28th, January 2020

Written by: Maria Fathy


What's better than spending your weekend sandboarding down sand dunes, taking a safari in the desert, swimming in a magic lake or even camping on the floor of a million years old ocean. Fayoum is the place where you will find all of that and so much more. 

At the same time, you can listen and jam to music by local musicians and experience the art of pottery in Tunis Village.

Vacations, there are a lot cheaper compared to other trendy places in Egypt. Making it perfect if you're traveling on a budget, or even just taking a weekend away from the city. The weather in the mornings is warm and scorching in summer.


It's best to visit in spring and autumn because, in the winter, it tends to get extremely cold at night.

It's only around 1.5-2 hours away and can be closer to you than the mall (depending on where you live). Fayoum is home to many artists, musicians, actors, directors, and all-round creatives who escaped the hustle and bustle of congested Cairo to live by the Oasis. One of the best ways we can describe it is it's an escape, a safe haven, where you can be surrounded by nature and tradition at the same time. The amazing locals want nothing more than to share their love, traditions, culture, art, heritage, and cuisine like all Egyptians do.